Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The 7 Best Free Android Apps That Will Help You Run Your Business

As you probably know, I work from home, which means that I have only a basic office for one person. I am also out and about quite a bit but try to use my time optimally even when not deskbound. 

One of my most frequent tools is my smart phone and I am going to share some of my favourite apps that help me get things done. The best thing of all is that all the apps that I list below are completely free from the Google Play store (other than data costs of course).

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This app is amazing if used effectively. Use it to store and organise all sorts of notes, documents, images, clippings from your web browser, audio files etc. so that you have any information that you need at your fingertips when you need it. You can also use it to set reminders and it can be synchronised between your various devices.


Yes, you can use your phone as a free scanner on the go. Just take a photo of your document and allow the app to convert it into a PDF or JPEG scan. This one has saved me dozens of times (just last week I was able to scan and email urgent documents that I had just collected from my phone and send them to the recipient from my car! Without it, there would have been at least an hours delay until I was desk bound).


This app allows me to compile blog posts and add photographs on the go. It lacks features to edit fonts, colours and other formatting but it gets the job done. There is also a Blogger stats app that allows me to see how many people are reading my blog (yes, now I can keep track of all three readers, lol). 

Wordpress has an equivalent app for those using the Wordpress platform to blog (or who run a Wordpress based website).


This will allow you to save files remotely and safely and also to share large files with others. It also allows you to save files in one place and then access them from all your devices.


This app compresses web data so that you can surf the internet from your phone faster while using less data.


When you are doing all these fancy things on your phone, you need to clean out your phone regularly to avoid clogging it with junk, which will eventually slow your phone down and drain your battery. It also has antivirus protection, which is important for obvious reasons.


Okay, this is not just one app, but various apps. To run any business these days, you need to be on the major social media platforms relevant to you and to engage with your target audience. This means that I am active on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram both for my primary business and for this blog. Luckily, there are great apps for all of these platforms which allow me to manage these while on the go.

What are your favourite business and productivity apps? Please do share!!!