Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Jozi WAHM Reviews Real Kids Sunglasses

I must admit that despite being well aware of eye safety and the importance of UV protection for little eyes, especially in a sunny country like South Africa (apparently eighty percent of ones lifetime UV exposure occurs before the age of eighteen), I have never bothered with expensive sunglasses for my little ones. They fall off little noses and never seem to last more than a week before breaking anyway (then again I have been buying the flea market variety). 

Then I was given a pair of Real Kids Sunglasses for Noodle by a company called O-V Optics. While I am usually not easily swayed by marketing speeches, I must say that I am really impressed by these sunglasses.They are fashionable, comfortable and fit well on little heads. However, what sets them apart is their ingenious design. Their flexible arms bend and twist rather than break and they are virtually indestructible (I let both my little ones do a bit of tugging and prodding and this theory seems to hold). I am also told that they offer one hundred percent UV protection and that the shatterproof polycarbonate lenses pop out rather than shatter in the event of  impact. 

They come in two styles, Sport and Swag and come in various different sizes (ages 4-7, 7-10 and 10 plus). I picked the Sport style as I thought this would better suit Noodle's petite face. They also have nifty straps available to keep them from getting lost and can be adapted for prescription lenses.

There is currently a drive to incorporate these sunglasses into school uniforms, which makes sense given the amount of sun children are exposed to during break times and sports activities. Children's eyes are apparently also more vulnerable to sun damage as their eyes have larger pupils and clearer lenses.

You can contact O-V Optics if you would like to introduce your school to the 'Sunglasses at School Program'. 
Noodle's teddy poses in Real Kids Sport Sunglasses

Real Kids Sunglasses- Swag style