Friday, 23 October 2015

My Big Boy Goes to School: Week 2

So this was the second week of Squish attending nursery school three days a week. Lets just say that the last week was a lot harder than the first. 

This week, the novelty of being sent off with a backpack and lunchbox has worn off and each day, he was acutely aware that I was going to leave without him and each morning, his grip on me was tighter than the strongest superglue. His teachers would coax him with an array of fun activities but he would not budge and I would find myself playing with him at school for at least half an hour before he loosened his grip so that I could quickly sneak out. Each day, I was able to observe him carrying out various activities and I must say I am impressed by how quickly he figures the various Montessori activities out, even though he has not been exposed to them before.

There were tears and howling screams each day as I left but his teachers assured me that he is settled five minutes later (they even send photo's of a calm, playing toddler as evidence of this). Apparently, poor Noodle gets sent to the toddler class to keep Squish company when he is unsettled (which seems to do the trick, but I get the feeling that Noodle is less than impressed by this arrangement).

I hope next week is a bit easier (for all of us).

Incidentally, it has been a fairly quiet work week for me (this will not be the case next week), leaving me with some extra time on my hands. The logical think to do after being detached from my son for the first time after almost two years would have been to book hair appointments, coffee dates and spa treatments, but some evil demonic force possessed me to spend the extra time clean cupboards, defrost freezers and file documents instead. I probably need my head checked.

Viewer question: Tell us about your little ones first days at school? How did you get them to settle into their new routines?