Friday, 22 May 2015

Not a Baby Anymore- My Little Boy is Growing Up!

Just yesterday I was holding my 2.4 kilogram newborn boy in my arms. That's what it feels like anyway. Suddenly, I have a very grown up, walking, talking, acrobatic sixteen-month-old  whizzing around at lightning speed, leaving in his path equal proportions of love, smiles and utter destruction. I don't quite know when it happened but I have a fully-fledged toddler.

Here is a pie chart I created. 

toddler jozi wahm squish

 He is learning new things rapidly. He can now point out all his body parts and say the names for some of them too. He points out the correct animals in a book when asked (though when he sees animals in person, they are all doggies or cows). He can build a tower of lego blocks and put things in the right hole in a shape sorter.

One of the highlights of having a toddler is watching him play with big sister and observing the interactions between them. Noodle likes pretending he is her 'puppy'. She ties a string on his arm and pulls him along. He willingly obliges, running with her and barking like a dog. He loves playing hide and seek with big sister. When he 'seeks', he faces the wall and says 'two, two, two, two' until he gets bored and then goes looking for Noodle.

He loves talking on the phone and will happily 'chat' for ages with his grandparents (with a lot of head shaking and hand waving).

baby laundry peekaboo

He helps out with housework and likes sweeping, folding laundry (i.e. crumpling the laundry I just folded) and mopping the floor with the toilet brush (true story- we now keep bathroom doors closed at all times).

Noodle did not do the terrible two thing- she had the terrible 1.5's. All indications show that Squish will repeat this trend. 

His latest trick is to do something that he knows he is not supposed to (yes, he is little but he knows)... like throw his plate down, pull Noodle's hair or throw something down the toilet and then say his newest word "Eish" (which he seems to think will magically excuse his misdemeanor). If we tell him that he is being naughty, he voluntarily retreats to Noodle's time out corner with his tail between his legs and all is forgiven.

All attempts at baby-proofing our house have gone out of the window as he has those child-proof locks all figured out. He can switch on the TV all on his own and can switch on lights, the washing machine and the oven (oh dear). He has also decided that bungee-jumping off the back of the couch is his favourite new pastime. Heart attack alert!

Having a one year old is the most exhausting job in the world but if I could freeze time I would. One is just such a sweet and innocent age.Despite all the antics, he makes everyone in his path smile and laugh- a lot.  He still loves being showered in hugs and kisses and will return the favour. He is still just so cute (I may be biased but he is) and it is fascinating to see this new personality, with unique quirks and traits emerging. I am excited and just a little bit scared to see my big boy take on the world.