Monday, 22 June 2015

Noodle Says Part 4... And Stuff Squish Says Too!

I have not done one of these posts in a while, but my little ones have had plenty to say.

Noodle Says:
(On holiday) : Why did they put the ocean so close to the road?
(Noodle loses her shoe). Maybe the prince will find my missing shoe and send it for all the little girls in the land to fit on.

Me: Pay attention.
Noodle: I don't know if I have enough money. How much does it cost?
Noodle (later on):  Daddy, listen to me! It doesn't cost any money to pay attention!

No, my clothes are not getting smaller, I am getting bigger. 
Unfortunately, four year old's are sometimes a bit too blunt and honest. Like this:
Me: I can't remember where I put it.
Noodle: Sigh. Mommy, that's because you're not as smart as I am.
And this:
Noodle: My best friend is ... (names child in her creche class).
Family member: Why is she your best friend?
Noodle: Because she is so pretty.
Me: You are supposed to pick friends because they are nice people, not because they are pretty.
Noodle: But she is NOT a nice person!
 So there is Mother's Day and Father's Day. When is Childrens Day?
Squish says:

My little man, at 17 months, has become a regular parrot and repeats pretty much any word we tell him to. His sister tests this theory by making him repeat very random things, like 'octopus' or 'vegetarian'.

He can now name his body parts, a few colours and a few letters of the alphabet. He now knows the names of extended family members and has decided that it is hilarious to call me by my first name. He knows the names of lots of food items (he loves food!).

He has extensive telephone conversations on a toy phone (but says very little on a real phone, opting to smile and wave instead).

He has also learnt to sing... he now sings bits of Old Mc Donald, bits of the A, B, C song and (sadly) the chorus to the theme songs from Frozen and Doc McStuffins (you can see his sister's influence here) and the chorus to an Arabic lullaby. I still love this early language phase!

What new things have your precious little ones said lately? Please share!