Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Noodle's Guide to Daddy Shaving

Yesterday, dear hubby A had a bit of a mishap while shaving... and by mishap, I mean an almost trip to the emergency room bloodbath (okay, not really, he was fine- kind of, but there was a lot of blood).
Noodle, however, scarred by the sight of all that blood and deeply concerned for her daddy's well being, decided that she would compile a shaving manual for dad to avoid any such future occurrences. 

Noodle can't write yet (other than her name and a few other dyslexic-style words- she is four afterall), so she drew pictures and asked me to write the following instructions:


Pick up the shaver. (Yes, it is called a shaver.)

Now shave your face VERY, VERY, VERY softly. (No, no shaving cream, water or any of that good stuff. When asked, Noodle said that dad should leave the shaving foam for her to do shaving foam art with.)

 The most important rule is do not cut your face.  (Yes, very important.)

The water will come out of the shaver and scrub your face. (News to us.)

Do not get cut. (This rule is so important it had to be listed twice).

Wash the cut hair off your face. (You do not want to walk around with loose stubble on your face all day).

That is all. (Yes daddy, that simple, think you can get that right?)