Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My Big Boy Starts School

This week marked a huge milestone for Squish, my big boy's first day at little school.

I was extremely nervous and had flashbacks of that day four years ago when we first sent Noodle to creche. My maternity leave was up and it was time for my fragile six month old to start creche. It took a few months before we both stopped crying every day. Over all it was not a pleasant experience.

This time was different. Squish is bigger and stronger. He can walk and talk well enough to communicate his needs clearly. He will be going for three mornings a week and not full day like Noodle did as a baby. I am familiar with the school (since it is the one Noodle has been attending since last year) and my mind is at ease that for those few hours he will be in good hands in a fun, caring and stimulating environment. The icing on the cake is that he has big sister right there with him. Nevertheless, leaving him behind for the first time was like leaving a tiny piece of my heart behind. He is still very young and is the smallest in his class, so there was still some apprehension.

Day one went surprisingly well. We dropped Noodle off in her class next door and then proceeded to his class, where his teacher let him chose from a couple of Montessori style activities trays and he quickly settled down at one of the tiny wooden tables and engaged in an activity. Once he looked settled, I asked him if I could go. He gave me a big smile, waved happily and said 'Bye bye mommy.' 

His teacher sent me updates and happy photo's throughout the morning. He was alone in all the pictures (socialising with other children besides big sister is a skill he has not yet learnt and this is one of a few reasons we are sending him) but looked calm and settled. Noodle told me that he cried a bit during the day but that is of course to be expected in the first few days.

Day two was a bit more of a challenge. He told us he liked creche but said he said he did not want to go back. With a bit of coaxing, we got him to school. He gave his teacher a big smile and settled happily into an activity. When I asked him if I could leave though, he started crying a little and held on to me for dear life. This only lasted about a minute though before his teacher asked him if she could take him for a walk to the other class. He then waved at me, smiling again and off he went. Apparently there were a few tears but he was okay.

I don't know what to expect in the next few weeks but this time it is on our terms.