Friday, 3 June 2016

I'm Not Going to Write You a Love Post

Yesterday, my dear hubby asked me why Noodle got a special post dedicated to her and he got nothing. The words that started playing in my head were those of that Sara Bareilles song 'I'm not going to write you a love song... coz you asked for it, coz you need one...'.

On the other hand, my husband really is really awesome, he is possibly the sole reader of this blog and today is a special day (he knows why)... so here goes.

Dear Husband

I have known you for a third of my lifetime and yet each day I love you even more than the day before. It sounds cliched but it is true. Sure, it may not be that 'can't keep my hands off you every split second of the day' honeymoon kind of love (because then nothing would ever get done) but something far more real, more enduring and more substantial.

The qualities that drew me to you, that shy certainty, strong sense of direction, patience and humbleness (and smoking good looks that you were oblivious to) have not faded. You have matured over the years though, becoming more assertive and confident. You have become a father and a great one at that.

Am I allowed to add that you have impeccable taste in women? Let's face it, we make a great team. While marriages around us are breaking down, people don't believe us when we tell them that we have never had a proper fight. It's not that we avoid conflict, we have just never needed to. We have faced many challenges together and there is nobody else that I would rather face this journey called life with.
The rest of this post will be continued live... in person.

Jozi Wife