Thursday, 18 August 2016

A Noodle Story

One of Noodle's favourite games is still the one where the two of us tell a chain story where each one adds a line and the next continues. Her tales continue to amuse.

Here is last night's bedtime chain story.

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Layla. She had a birthday party but it was not just any party. It was a princess monster party and everybody had to dress up as monster princesses.

First she sent out special invitations which only appeared on the paper when you poured water on it. She invited a few of her close friends. They played games and ate cake. The cake was a monster cake but it tasted yucky so everybody started throwing it at each other... until the birthday gilr said 'stop it, I don't like it'.  

Then they played some games. One of the games was building puzzles (I think I have a nerd in the making.) Then they hit a pinata. The prizes in the pinata were super special, better than any other prizes they had ever seen before. It has (wait for it) stationery in it. (See, nerd in the making... but hey, she may have got it from her mama.) It also had a few magic wands in it.

One of the girls used her magic wand to win all the games. The other children were very cross that she was cheating and started hitting her with their wands. (Yes, Noodle decided that this was cheating.) She felt really bad and wated to make it up to them so she turned all their cakes and sweets into giant cakes and sweets and made magical party packs with sweets that would never run out. They all enjoyed the rest of the party and only did nice magic tricks with their wands.

Then they used their magic wands to clean up all the mess (yes that was my contribution of course).