Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Inside Jozi WAHM's Kitchen- Strawberry Cheesecake

I am a sucker for cheesecake and having made my favourite, super rich, decadent and very fattening one this weekend, I have decided to share the recipe. Did I mention that it is easy to make and does not even need baking? Go on, try it... you know you want to!


  • 125g melted butter
  •  1 box marie biscuits
Crush the biscuits (I am lazy so I whizz in the blender) and mix with the butter.
Press into a greased springform tin lined with wax paper. I cut the wax paper into a circle slightly larger than the pan and let the wax paper overlap slightly out of the bottom of the pan for easy removal.


  • 1 tub smooth cream cheese, 
  • 1 tin condensed milk, 
  • 1 cup fresh cream, 
  • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice and 
  • a dash of vanilla essence. Beat until almost stiff.
Boil 100ml boiling water with 2 tbsp gelatine. (Alternatively you could use 3tbsp agar agar, but I find that gelatine gives more consistent results. I use the halaal variety available from the spice shops). Stir until dissolved and pour into cream cheese mixture and mix well. Pour over the biscuit base.

Top with strawberries (or any other fruit). On Sunday I did not have fresh strawberries so I used granadilla pulp and a bit of tinned strawberry. Kiwi fruit, tinned peaches or any other berries also work well.

Glaze the fruit with a layer of jelly (following the instructions on the box).

Let the cheesecake set in the fridge for a few hours, preferably overnight. 

Tip: To get the cheesecake out of the tin without cracks, loosen the edges with a hot knife. Dip the knife in hot water as you go along for a smooth edge. Then unclip the springform pan and slide the bottom off. Alternatively, you could make mini cheesecakes in greased foil cups.



  1. Oh this sounds very yummy!

  2. Thanks Sula and Cat. I hope you try it out some time- it is delicious!

  3. I love cheese cake and this looks so easy. I'll have to give this one a try. Thanks for sharing at the #ConfessionsLinkUp


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