Tuesday, 28 July 2015

New Pampers Pants- 5 Packs to be Won!!!

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I never imagined that we would start potty training Squish yet, as he is a mere eighteen months old. To our surprise, for the past week he has actually been asking us to take him to the toilet.  Only a mom will understand the sense of pride when your baby makes that first pee and poo in the potty and for us that precious moment came last week (with a few repeats since). The timing could not have been better for our free sample pack of the new Pampers Pants to have arrived. 

We used the old Pampers Pull Up Pants for Noodle once she was potty trained in the day and just needed night nappies. Back then, they had Dora the Explorer pull ups (for girls) and Diego pull ups (for boys). In contrast, the new pull ups are unisex and look very similar to the regular Pampers Active Baby-Dry nappies, so your little one should feel right at home in them. Truth be told, I thought the Dora ones were more aesthetically pleasing, but the new ones look softer and more comfortable. 

Top: New Pampers Pants | Bottom: Pampers Active Baby-Dry

What makes the Pampers pants so unique? The new pull up pants are designed to be easy to use. They have two dry zones with an extra sleep layer that absorbs wetness and distributes it evenly across the core for twelve hours of dryness. They are breathable and non-bulky, with stretchy waistbands and leg cuffs

Here is why I think pull ups are a great idea for toddlers:

1. They make potty training so much easier, as they can be pulled up and down easily and quickly when it is time to make a run for the toilet.
2. Changing a wriggly toddler lying down is just plain hard work. Pull ups are easier for mom.
3. It is a great transition between nappies and underwear and toddlers can learn independence as they are able to put these on themselves.
The Pampers pull ups have some great features:

My top tips for using pull up nappies (these views belong to Jozi WAHM and are not necessarily those of Pam):
1. Always make sure that the nappies are positioned properly (centred with no wedgies) to avoid leaks.
2. For changing wet nappies, simply pulling down and cleaning is easiest. However, if you need to change a poo nappy, I would suggest that you tear open the seams at each side of the nappy for easier clean up.
3. Ensure that used nappies are placed in a nappy bag or other recycled bag afterwards, as they cannot be resealed like the baby nappies with the sticky tabs.
Squish giggled with excitement the first time I pulled the nappy up his legs while standing, as opposed to lying down baby style. He loves being able to pull them down himself when going to the toilet.

 Do you have a toddler who wears size 4- 6 nappies? Have you tried out the Pampers pants yet? If not, read on.

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How would you like to win a pack of these pull ups? Five lucky readers will win one pack each.*

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**While this was not a paid post, sample nappies were provided to us for review by Pampers. Pampers is also sponsoring the prizes as mentioned above.


  1. My baby girl Alana is 20 months old and I am currently using the huggies training pants.would like to review the pampers training pants .my baby girl is using size 5 at the moment .cant see the rafflecopter app here

    1. Thank you Denise. I am sure Alana will love the Pampers pull ups. Please try again now, we did have a bit of a bug with Rafflecopter.

    2. Done and I shared from your share button on this post for Facebook as the rafflecopter part did not work

  2. All steps done! Liked and shared, followed and tweeted 😊
    Wow would love to try the New Pampers Pull ups for my 2year old son. I am currently using pampers. This would help so much with potty training 😊

  3. Wow this would be so awesome! I am currently using pampers for my 2year old son Eesa. Would love to try the New Pampers Pull Ups. Liked and shared, followed and tweeted 😊😊😊

  4. Would love to try these on my 2 year old, specially when we start potty training this coming summer

  5. My 19 month old daughter, Blake is currently potty training and we would love to try these out.


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