Thanks for reading!!! Let's see. My real name is... well it's not Jozi WAHM.

Jozi= Johannesburg South Africa.
WAHM= work at home mom

I am a sleep-deprived chocoholic bibliophile who lives, works, plays and builds treasured memories in a busy and chaotic Johannesburg home together with my dear supportive husband ‘A’, my girly-girl, philosophical five year old daughter, 'Noodle' and my super-energetic two year old son 'Squish'. I run a consultancy business from home and also dabble in this blogging thing occasionally.

If you would like to get in touch with me (for marketing queries, product reviews, sponsored posts, request a media kit, stalk me or just to say hello), you can contact me at:

email: joziwahm@gmail.com

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