Monday, 17 August 2015


I realise that I have not been blogging as often as usual, there is just a lot of other stuff going on in the background. Let's see...


I am busy planning some exciting upcoming blog posts. Besides that, I have a new long term work venture (besides my regular WAHM'ing) and am busy finding my feet so that is occupying a lo of time at the moment.


I have so much to be grateful for. 

I love the warmer weather we have been having and not having to be wrapped up in layers and layers of clothing. The kids are having fun playing outside more too. 

I love the fact that my kids are playing together so well now. I even managed to go back and lie in bed for a few minutes yesterday after giving them cereal.

Despite being very busy, August has been a fun month so far. I got to be spoilt rotten by my husband, kids and parents for my birthday, lots of meals out, spending time or at least getting in touch with old friends, a games day with the kids and their cousins and an ice-skating trip.

Noodle and I built a huge jigsaw puzzle together and Squish and I have been making play dough figurines together. It now temporarily adorns our dining room table as Noodle will not let me break it again. 


Recurring plumbing issues at home (yuck) and ironing as I still have no domestic helper. Laundry and ironing is the bane of my existence and I try to get through it by making a game of it, testing how many items I can iron in x number of minutes and 'clocking' the next level by getting to the bottom of one washing basket of ironing.


The fact that my eighteen month old son can count in Spanish (thank you Dora the Explorer) and that he is obsessed with 'sala tea' (Masala tea aka a chai latte). 

The fact that Squish has nicknamed my breasts 'kaka boobie' and 'other boobie'. Kaka Boobie feels offended. Yes, we are still breastfeeding, despite my plans to wean him.


An upcoming family holiday to faraway lands, reading travel reviews online and planning itineraries. Exciting times ahead!!!