Friday, 12 February 2016

Just Another Random Conversation Between My Kids

Most conversations between my children are odd to put it mildly. This is the kind of ordinary conversation you would be subjected to if you were a fly on my walls listening to a five year old Noodle engaging with a two year old Squish. 

Noodle: Let's play I Spy.

Squish: Okay. I spy with my witter eye something beginning with a .... SNAKE.  

Noodle: You have to say the letter that is starts with.

Squish: Okay... the letter... SNAKE.

Is it a snake?

Squish: No.

Noodle: Is it a horse?

Squish: Yes!

(Sometimes they are on the same bizarre wavelength.)

Squish:  I spy something beginning with a .... CAR.

Noodle: That's not how the game works.

(Big argument follows). 

Noodle: Let's play doctor instead. 

(Gets out doctor kit.)

Noodle: You need to be the patient and I will give the diagnosis.

Squish: No, I want to be the dia-noser. (Grabs toy reflex hammer thingie.)

Noodle: No!
(She traps him under a blanket and forces him into a lying down position.)  

Noodle: Now patient, what seems to be the problem.

Squish: I a ghost. Whooooohoooohooo.

Noodle: Ghost, which part of you is hurting?

Squish: My elbow (while pointing to his knee).

Noodle: Aaaahaaaa! I see the problem. You have a bad case of Hurt-a-knee-osis. You need to stay in this hospital bed for a lot of, lot of days until you are used to it. 

Squish: I want my mommy.

Noodle: No, you need to stay here for very, very long my patient.

Squish: Okay (sweet voice).

Then he runs away at full speed. Wise move.

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