Thursday, 7 July 2016

Work, Play and Other Random Things

Yes, this blog has been a bit quiet... Again.

With a combination of major deadlines, Ramadaan and two little ones at home and all of us having the flu it has been chaotic and busy. 

While I was so busy, I relied heavily on my Boredom Bowls to keep my kids entertained (click on the link to see what this was all about- I can now confirm that this operation was a success).

I also moved my office to the garden occasionally (one of the advantages of WAHM'ING) since the kids need outdoor play to stop them from turning into monsters and it is far warmer in the sun than indoors during winter in Johannesburg anyway. Besides papers blowing away in the wind and having to worry about battery power on my laptop, working from a picnic blanket actually worked surprisingly well!

My deadlines were mostly met the day before Eid and then the kids helped me bake a bit and then they made these Eid cards for family members. They were super easy for them to make but turned out well (or at least I think so). 

I drew the crescent moons on gold paper plates that I had lying around and Noodle cut them out and pasted them on the coloured cards. We had tons of gold stars from one of our Kids Book Club books and Squish enjoyed sticking these all over. Then Noodle used dainty silver alphabet stickers to spell Eid- just 'Eid', as we did not have enough a's to add 'Mubarak' on each card.

Now the deadlines have passed and we had a lovely, albeit very busy Eid. We got to spend time with family and extended family, eat all the yummies and the kids got spoilt rotten! 

Now, I have a week to just relax and have fun with the kids at home before some more really big things ahead. After being cooped up at home for the first two weeks of school holidays (except for trips for grocery essentials etc), we went to iJump today. The kids had the time of their lives! 
While I can't really comment on the main section of iJump, other than to say it looked like lots of fun, I can say that my little ones had a blast in the 2-6 year old section. For the younger kids, there were lots of tiny trampolines to jump on, a foam pit with a balance beam to dive off and some climbing walls, together with a mini-soccer field. 

The part my little ones liked the most was the upstairs maze, which ends in two huge, fast slides at the end.

iJump can work out pricey if you stay for more than an hour but an hour is more than enough for the younger ones (I am sure my daughter would have happily remained for a second hour but my younger one seemed tired by then and I could see a lot of the other younger kids got bored much faster). Also, I wouldn't recommend it if you have children of mixed ages unless you have more than one adult to supervise as you cannot really keep an eye on both sections at once (there are childminders for the younger ones but personally I would not risk leaving them unsupervised).
What have you and your little ones been up to these school holidays? I would love to hear from you!

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