Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Hi there

Hello. Yes, it really is me! You may have noticed that this blog has been ominously quiet of late.

The plan was to surprise my readers with a new, exciting and revamped blog.

Firstly, this blog isn't working functionally the way I want it to- suddenly I can't control little things like fonts and colours and everytime I see Times New Roman size ten I have the urge to discard my blog post (like right now, the inconsistency with my other posts is driving me crazy but I am fighting theurge to delete this blog post). This one feels broken. Also, I don't feel the current blog is true to who I am and where I am at right now so a shiny new blog with a shiny new domain is definitely in the pipeline.

However, this has taken longer than anticipated as I have changed my mind many times as to what I want the new blog to be. Do I use my real name this time? What will the core themes be? I think it is what they call 'analysis paralysis'. So, I can't give timelines yet but I can promise that when it is ready, it will be good.

So, current updates (apart from being gravely concerned about the future of our country and its economy... along with everyone else):

Work drama has taken over my life. Literally. It turns out that my big career decision a few months ago was a monumental fail and I let that take over the rest of my life. I have had days where I have literally come home crying and now it is time for yet another big change and this change is currently in progress.

My little ones are growing up so fast! Grade one is far more taxing than I imagined it would be but Noodle is surviving and thriving! I don't remember being loaded with homework and having bags equivalent to our own body weight when we were so little but that is the reality in this day and age. Squish is a 'big boy' now (as he keeps reminding us). I am amazed by his independence as he goes about his day, getting dressed, going to the bathroom and getting himself snacks, all completely unassisted. He still lives in a fictional world of superheroes and dinosaurs, which I am sure is a far more pleasant place than the real world.

I hope to have further updates up soon on the next step from here...