Friday, 24 July 2015

Inside Jozi WAHM's Kitchen- Tickled Pink Lemonade

My neighbour gifted us with a huge bag of large, juicy lemons from her tree and when life gives you lemons.... you know what needs to happen!

I didn't follow any specific recipe,but this turned out to taste just like the Woolies pink lemonade (which is delicious if you have not tried it).


1 litre of water;
Juice of 5 lemons;
1 glass Ceres Secrets of the Valley Juice (I did not have cranberry juice but I think this tasted better anyway);
One glass of aQuelle lemon flavoured water (you could use Sprite instead but the omit the sugar);
Quarter cup sugar


Mix all of the above until well combined and chill. I put a little bit of the lemon zest too.
Serve with crushed ice, mint leaves and lemon slices.