Thursday, 10 September 2015

Noodle says...

I haven't done one of these posts in a while. My little Noodle, now closer to age five, is as candid as ever. The snippets below are just from yesterday and today!

Noodle: (Pointing at mansion in an upmarket part of town).
Let's buy a house here. Then I can roll down the hill to school in the morning instead of sitting in traffic.
Dad: We don't have enough money to buy a house here.
Noodle: It's easy. We just sell our house for loooooots and lots of money, enough for this house and then we go to that house with the money and say 'Hello, I would like to buy your house today'.
(Sounds great. If only our very ordinary house was not worth just a tenth of those ones.)

Noodle: Don't call me 'my baby'. I am not a baby. I am four years old.
Me: But you will always be my baby.
Noodle: When I am ten years old I am going to move to a new house and I won't give you my address, so then you won't be able to call me 'my baby'.

Me: Wow, that is a beautiful drawing. You could be an artist one day!
Noodle: What is an artist?
Me: An artist is someone who draws and paints really well.
Noodle: Oh. Is that all? I am already an artist then.

(Driving past a vendor selling flowers)
Noodle: Mommy, I am so sad that I have no money today. If I did, I would buy you all those flowers, because they are beautiful just like you. 

Oh and I can't forget my little Squish now that he is talking a lot more. He has full sentences now, a post for another day. I just have to share my favourite word of his right now... WATER-MINION (watermelon). 

What interesting things have your little ones had to say lately? Please share!