Sunday, 16 October 2016

Our Favourite Family Friendly Movies This October

Given that it was school holidays, it was inevitable that we would watch a few family friendly movies this past couple of weeks. 

Last year we were invited to a couple of movie premiers that were a bit taxing as my son was still too young to sit still for very long. 
Now we are finally at a stage where both children are old enough to sit still for long enough to watch an entire movie and  without causing too much of an inconvenience to others and we have been taking full advantage of this fact.

Here is what we have been watching:

Barbie Starlight Adventure

Noodle is obsessed with everything Barbie related- the toys, the clothes and even the TV series so she was beside herself when I announced that we were going to the South African launch of this movie. The event was as much of a hit as the movie itself. We entered a world of pink, with an array of fun activities and delicious snacks to keep the kids entertained. Best of all, Noodle enjoyed meeting a real live Barbie and getting her personalised autograph.
Given the insane price of movie tickets these days, a free movie, slush and popcorn is enough reason for me to be singing praises. Besides the fact that I didn't have to take out an overdraft facility to pay for movie tickets, I can genuinely say the movie was actually quite cool. It was less stereotypically girly than previous Barbie movies and very futuristic- a bit like Insurgent or the Hunger Games minus the violence. Barbie, who has a few secret special talents (who lives in outer space) has to help save the universe.
I noticed that Barbie's look has changed a bit. Noticeably, she was sporting the famous Elsa braid. 

Both little ones loved it, even Squish, who said he didn't want to watch 'a girl movie'. He even turned out to like his new 'Popcorn' (Barbie's pet) toy. Speaking og toys, Noodle won a Sal-Lee doll in the lucky draw on the day (Sal-Lee is Barbie's amazing sidekick in case you didn't know). The Sal-Lee doll is something I would have dreamt about having as a child- just like a regular Barbie doll but she spins and makes different sounds depending on which way she is angled.
The Secret Life of Pets
Noodle stumbled upon the trailer for this movie, which is all about what pets get up to when their families are not around) about a year ago and has been watching the trailers on repeat ever since.

So when it finally hit the big screen, we knew we had to watch it. Noodle and I loved it while Squish and hubby were less captivated (though I can't understand why as the characters are just so cute and it has all the elements for a perfect family movie). We watched the movie in 3d. Have I mentioned how much 3d movies cost these days? Crazy!!! Luckily, there was enough action to warrant the 3d glasses.
There was also a short Minions movie before the main movie- always a hit with my bunch.


This was one of my all time favourite books as a child so I was keen to watch the Big Friendly Giant movie.

My little ones were not as eager as the picture advertising the movie didn't quite grab their attention (come on, look at it, it is a picture of a weird looking old man) but I convinced them otherwise and they both really enjoyed this classic story. Noodle seemed to enjoy the fart humour the most (sadly).

Yes, the movie was almost as good as the book (movies are never as good as the book but this came close). Now that Noodle can read (and enjoys it so much), a set of Roald Dahl books is definitely on my wishlist for her- it might just be her next birthday present!

Three movies watched, three movies enjoyed. So if you are looking for a good child friendly movie, there is quite a bit to chose from at the moment. P.S. We already have plans to watch the Thomas the Tank Engine movie which is coming out soon and Storks looked super cute too.