Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

Thank you to Moipone at Ferocious Haven for nominating me for the "Ten Things That Make me Happy Challenge".

I am sure I could list a hundred but here are some of mine:

1. My amazing family: I have a husband who is caring, patient and supportive, children who are kind and sweet, parents and a sister who would literally do anything for me and my children and inlaws that I actually like!

2. Time: I am grateful that I have the luxury of spending time with the people listed in point 1, flexibility in my daily schedule and time to do the things that make me and my family happy.

3. Having religion, spirituality and an inner sense of purpose is my primary source of contentment.

4. Chocolate (dark) and coffee (strong and definitely not instant). I am not sure in what order but I can confirm that both these things are a source of unspeakable bliss. Oh and ice-cream... and waffles... and lemon meringue... and doughnuts... and chocolate brownies.

5. Not being completely obese or diabetic despite point 4 above.

6. Reading a good book- preferably while eating chocolate and drinking coffee. 

7. The smell of raindrops, lemons, babies, cinnamon, vanilla, freshly baked bread, fudge and coffee (not all together of course). 

8. Living in a beautiful country- despite all its many shortcomings, we really are lucky to live in a land of spectacular weather, beautiful surroundings, nature, delicious fruits and vibrant people.

9. Hearing my children laugh and seeing my children achieve new things. I am beyond amazed at how much my daughter has pushed herself this year to learn new things and how she has tackled some of her fears head on, turning them into achievements. I am also astounded by how quickly my son picks up concepts- he is only two but he has picked up on some of big sister's grade R work just by listening to her talking about it nonstop. 

10. This blog- having a space to air my views, brag, vent or  whatever. It has also given me the opportunity to meet some very special people and get involved with exciting activities that I otherwise would not have been involved in.

What makes you happy? Please share! (Bloggers: please feel free to do your own blog post and link back to this one.)