Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Hi All,

I apologise for disappearing off the face of planet blog for well over a week. I think it is time for a little bit of catch up. 


The couple of days before schools closed was a mad scramble to get as much work done as possible from my side as I know how unproductive things can get when both little ones are at home (and boy was I right).

Then we disappeared into the bushes for a few days for a relaxed break at a wildlife reserve. We went on game drives, went swimming and saw lots of animals. We even had kudus visiting our chalet daily. 

Unfortunately, towards the end of our little break, Squish started showing symptoms of one of those lovely, rashy and very contagious childhood illnesses which had been doing its rounds, confirmed by our doctor once we got back. This meant spending the week after we got home in quarantine, keeping the little ones busy with toys, crafts, more Youtube  and trying to stop germs from spreading to the rest of us and stopping two little ones from killing each other. Both kids, who are not great sleepers at the best of times, decided that they would turn nocturnal and torture us out of our sleep every single night (last night was the first time I slept in a week). I had two grumpy children who literally did not let me get anything done except the essentials of my work at home regular job, leaving no time for blogging. 

By last weekend, Squish's spots and fever had gone away and cabin fever took its place. So we finally ventured out a little bit and had a fun weekend of fairs, fetes and food.


At this moment, I have a couple of minutes to spare toggling between work and this blog post while the little ones paint (we have been doing lots of painting this holiday). I now have black paint spots on my cream curtains (I have dabbed most of it out with a damp soapy cloth and now need to figure how to get the rest out). I have the washing machine on, with disinfectant added into the wash to try to get out all traces of germiness from clothes to prevent re-infections (maybe I am a little paranoid but rather safe than sorry).

Here are the things happening in the background.

Watching: Not too much TV, but have been watching a little bit of 'Grays Anatomy' and 'Big Bang Theory'- the usual staples.

Reading: I have not been doing too much reading and definitely nothing too heavy. I have been reading 'Grey: Fifty Shades as told by Christian' in tiny instalments for about three weeks now. Basically, the book is terrible. It is as poorly written as the initial trilogy and you already know what is going to happen as it is the same story, just from a different perspective. Yet, for some bizarre reason, I keep finding myself reading on. 

Feeling: happy overall but frustrated and annoyed at the amount of destruction my little ones are able to create in just minutes and by them fighting all the time. I had to pause this blog post twice already to mop up spills and now there are hundreds of tiny cars covering every surface of our living room.

Eating: Some fudge nougat that I found at the Rand Easter Show. I am going through a slight nougat obsession at the moment and they had nougat in every flavour imaginable.

Thinking about: All the work that I am meant to be doing and not doing and making mental to do lists in my head. 

Grateful forMany things but I will list the top three right now:

1) The fact that my son is recovering and nobody else has caught the bug; 
2) the lovely early autumn weather right now- not too hot (in fact still quite summery) and not too cold;
3) getting to listen to the amusing conversations between my little ones (when they are not fighting). As I am typing this, Squish says to Noodle: 'Say sorry to me... but say it like you mean it.' Two year old's these days!

How about you- what are you up to at the moment?