Friday, 4 March 2016

More Stuff Squish Says

I know I do a lot of posts with stuff that my two year old sidekick says but I am just so entertained by the way he manages to express complex thoughts using his still somewhat limited language set- with some surprisingly big words in between.

Below I have some gems from the last two or so days:

"But mommy, I not throwing a tantrum, I just talking to you like a boy."

"I a cow.... Mooooooo." (He spent half an hour being a cow this morning.)

(I just coughed.)
"Mommy, are you okay? Must we take you to the hospital? In an ambulance?"

"I sad. I want grapes and custard for breakfast."

"When I grow up I want to be an ice cream truck. No, a fire truck."

"I decided that I going to big school today."

"Change the channel. This crogram is scary."

"Is the internet working yet? Or is it only buffering? When is daddy buying a new modem?" (Yes, really!) 

"Mommy, where is my tipper truck and my crane? No... not that one- that one is a dump truck." (There's a difference? Seriously, this kid has a weird obsession with trucks and knows more about them than I do.)

"Tomorrow can we go to Durban? And Warmbaths? And Cape Town?" 

His catch phrase, since yesterday anyway:
"Wow, that's amazing!"