Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Amazing Healthy Chocolate with Just Three Ingredients

Have you ever had an intense chocolate craving but no chocolate in site? I am a chocoholic of epidemic proportions and for moments like these, I have come across the most amazing, super easy recipe for chocolate, with just three ingredients. Usually, this would spell disaster, but fortunately this recipe is actually a fairly healthy one.

The three magic ingredients are:


I never knew how good this  stuff was until after my son was born, when I discovered its multiple uses as an anti-fungal, antibacterial for everything from nappy rash to thrush in babies. (My son had thrush when he was a few weeks old and the stuff prescribed by the paed did little to help but the coconut oil cleared it quickly). It turns out that eating coconut oil has all sorts of health benefits, from aiding cholesterol to appetite control. Use organic, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil for best results.


Rich in antioxidants, this stuff is actually good for you. If you do not have cacao, use the best quality you can find as this will affect the taste of the final product. I like the Cadbury Bourneville or Nomu variants.


 We all know how good honey is for you (in moderation of course).


Melt the coconut oil on low heat until liquid and then immediately remove from heat. It melts very quickly so a few seconds should do it. (In summer it should be liquid already so I would imagine this step can be skipped). 

Mix equal amounts of the coconut oil, cocoa and honey until well combined (okay that is what my sources told me but I found this a bit sweet so I will half the amount of honey next time). I have not inserted quantities because you can do as much or as little as you want- it is fast so you can even do a teaspoon of each for a quick snack.

Shape as desired. You could mould the chocolate in silicone moulds, mini cupcake cups, ice trays or however else you wish.

You can get fancy and sprinkle with nuts, dessicated coconut or anything else that tickles your fancy.

Here is mine before setting (with a bit of fine almond chunks added). It was a bit gloopy and messy in the cupcake holders and a bit trickled along the side.

Stick in the freezer to set for an hour and voila... decadent dark chocolate, with a bit of an exotic coconut-y taste.

While I am the type who could (I am embarrassed to say) scoff down an entire slab of chocolate if I did not control my urges, this recipe is super rich, so I found myself eating just a tiny little bit before being satiated. My kids loved it too (I did not tell them it is healthy chocolate).