Friday, 31 July 2015

Nine Strange Things I Spotted While Driving Around Jozi Today

True story- these are some of the things I observed on our Jozi roads while driving today... just a short trip on the creche route with a stop for groceries.

Johannesburg is nothing, if not unique. (Disclaimer: I have astute and well-honed female multi-tasking abilities so I also had my eye on the road at all times while observing the below).

1. A half naked man pushing a wagon twice his size along the road, being overtaken by a tuk tuk.

2. A bus being overtaken by the tuk tuk mentioned in point one above (which incidentally has a maximum speed of negative 20 km/hr). 

3. Bicycle lanes everywhere, some complete and some under construction. Total number of bicycles observed: zero.

 3. A man on the pavement taking huge bites out of a whole orange with the peel still on. Yum.

 4. A shop with a sign indicative of a hairdresser selling meat. Another shop with a takeaway sign selling what appeared to be appliances and toys.

5. A poster for Dr Nabil who can find your lost lover and cure pimples, acne marks or dark spots- clearly a man of many talents!

6. Students outside their university playing what looked like hopscotch.

7. A fire truck parked horizontally across two lanes of traffic opposite the fire station and blocking traffic in both directions. No apparent fire in site.

 8. A veld fire which seemed to be rapidly spreading (about 5km away from fire truck in point seven above, which was presumably still stationary and blocking traffic).

9. A Ferrari driver picking his nose. It is true- class cannot be bought!

Only in Jozi! Have you seen any strange sights in Jozi today? Please share!!!