Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Introducing This Month's Featured Blogger Laverne Vermeulen


Her blog may have only been around for just over a week but this blogging mama is making waves. The astounding number of hits to her page pay tribute to this. Laverne Vermeulen is the mastermind behind Shell Shocked Mummy, a diary documenting her inspirational, no holes barred journey to adopting her precious angel Kennedy Gray. I love her witty but  honest style of writing- I have come across a rare few that have the ability to simultaneously tug at both your heart strings and your funny bone.

Her first post '2 failed adoptions, 1 dimpled baby, 0 regrets' introduces this journey, what led her and her partner Sergio down the adoption route, the tale of two adoptions that were not meant to be and ultimately being united with her dear little princess.
"This may be the most important post I shall ever write. It’s the story of how I reached destination motherhood.
Mine was never destined to be a boy meets girl tale. This I know, because I live a sitcom/dark comedy type of life. It’s just that dramatic! Simple was never going to cut it. God knows I can take a joke. So he sent me on the scenic route."
Mind you, she makes it cleat that you should not feel sorry for her- in contrast, by post two, she (almost)  makes us biological mommies feel jealous.
"There are some things that we can and should celebrate, the things that level the playing field some. The little bonuses that the fertility Gods have granted us. In case you haven’t thought of them. I have ever so kindly listed them for you.
  1. I got to drink actual wine at my baby shower. No lame-ass juice for toasting. 1- 0 to the infertilites {new word}
  2. No need for stretchy pants and that weird wrapping of my tummy after the birth. What? I have sisters and I have eyes.
  3. I will say it again. My boobs are exactly the way they were before Kennedy came. Score!
  4. Hormones. This needs no explanation.
  5. Weight gain. This is a big one. No pun intended. No need for me to own extra “fat” clothes. I had done this before and it had nothing to do with pregnancy, there is NO way I am going back there.
I could go on and on but I really don’t want to start making fertile woman feel bad about themselves and jealous of me. That fate, my dear, is for a select few only."
If you have ever considered going the adoptive route, Laverne also gives some great insight into the process, how to make a great impression while applying and how the prospective adoptive mommy can get her rightful share of attention while she is 'paper pregnant'.
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What are you waiting for? Go check out her site!

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