Wednesday, 9 December 2015

2015- The Year That Ran Away

It is hard to believe that it is already mid December- it feels like each year just goes faster and this year just vanished in no time!

Despite the pace, so much has happened in these twelve months. The year began with us celebrating the first birthday of my chubby BABY boy, who was just taking his first tentative steps and talking baby language. Now, I have a long and lean, fully-fledged TODDLER, who goes to school three days a week, talks in full sentences, knows big words and zooms past me on his plastic scooter. For numerous reasons, we have decided that December is time for weaning off the breast (for real this time, we have tried before but this really is the end of the booby road), so that is the next big step for him. Also, it is time for potty training soon- although he already makes his number two's in the toilet (sometimes anyway) I have not yet been brave enough to leave him without a nappy. I am having an internal debate about whether or not it is time to give it a go.

If I compare pictures of my little girl at the beginning of the year, it is obvious that she has grown a lot physically- she is miles taller! Now five, she has figured out how to write a few words, draw complex pictures, roller-skate and ride her bicycle without trainer wheels (sort of- she is still a bit wobbly and hasn't mastered turning without falling but she is getting there). Of course, she has also matured emotionally and has grown to be very philosophical- always pondering the meaning of life and asking complex existential questions. She has just graduated from nursery school and we have just had a week filled with awards ceremonies and medal collections for various extra-murals. She is now about to take the big transition to grade R at primary school. I think we are both excited but a little bit apprehensive and it is odd to think of my little baby in school uniform soon.Exciting times ahead!

February 2015 was the month that I started this blog, on a whim. My initial plan was to start a fancy expert blog in my area of professional expertise (which turned out to be a bore, even to me). Of cause, I have a very non-technical background and knew nothing about blogging, web design, SEO or social media management at the time (in fact I am still a learner driver when it comes to most of this), so I decided I would first do this one to dip my feet into the water with a 'starter' mommy blog and just write about whatever came to mind to see if I am cut out for this blogging thing. Since then, I have gotten quite attached to this blog so it is not going away any time soon. I also met lots of wonderful online friends via this blog, a few of whom I have met in person and many that I have not. 

Work wise, the second half of the year found me spending a large portion of my time committed to a part-time contract which is in my field of expertise but in an area that I would not have imagined myself entering- but found myself enjoying. 

This year was all about finding a balance between work and play- and I loved the fact that I managed to spend lots of quality time with my family and that we managed to do new things and  learn new things together. We found time for life, travel and play.

What were the highlights of your 2015? Please do share.