Monday, 21 December 2015

Making Memories with Burger King SA

Yesterday,my inlaws looked at Squish puzzled when he told them 'we went on a picnic to Burger King'. He wasn't exactly wrong though- this weekend, Burger King SA treated us to a picnic to celebrate the launch of their delicious new King Snack meals. We received a stunning hamper stuffed with everything we need for the perfect picnic- picnic blankets, sunhats, water bottles, frisbees, bats... you name it! (I loved the fun messages printed on the various items). 

picninc frisbee bat ball

Most importantly, we received vouchers to collect the perfect fuss free picnic meals- the new King Snack meals (plus drinks of course). I think picnics are all about family fun and relaxation. Why spend hours slaving away in the kitchen for a picnic when you can just pick up your picnic food on the way? 

Saturday was a perfect sunny day- ideal weather for our #Kingsnackspicnic. We decided to have our picnic at the beautiful Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens in Roodepoort, famous for its plants, breathtaking waterfalls and black eagles. While our usual Burger King is the Rosebank one, for the picnic, we stopped at the new Burger King at Clearwater Mall, which happens to just down the road from our chosen picnic destination to pick up our picnic lunch (if you are looking for this particular Burger King, it is in the upstairs section of the food court). 

clearwater mall

While we like the Rosebank branch for its location and play area, at this one I was impressed by how friendly and knowledgeable their staff were and by how quickly and efficiently they dealt with a minor glitch with our card. While waiting, I was tantalised by the flashing poster for the King Snack meals we were about to enjoy- each King Snack consists of four chili cheese bites, four King nuggets, four King chicken ribs, two small fries and two barbeque dipping sauces. Everything contained works well as finger food for a picnic and it is perfect for one very hungry individual or two less hungry people. For us, two King Snack meals were just right for two adults and two little ones with tiny tummies.

fast food

After a quick drive to our destination, we found the perfect picnic spot under a large tree and we settled down to enjoy our meal- still piping hot in the cooler bag. 

I must say, we really enjoyed the new King Snacks. I think those chili cheese bites are my new favourite snack- they are beyond divine and I am dreaming of them while typing this up! I was very curious as to what chicken ribs were- did I miss that biology lesson? It turns out that they are succulent chicken wings in a spicy rib sauce- quite tasty but with a bit of a bite. Look- they kind of look like ribs!

The nuggets were firm favourites with the kids and the wings were yummy too. I don't need to tell you the fries are good- you already know that I am sure!

While every calorie consumed was well worth it, we decided that after lunch it was time to burn off some of that deliciousness. We played with the bats and balls, which the kids really enjoyed!

Then it was time to play some frisbee. This was fun for a few minutes until Noodle got whacked in the face. 

After the tears settled, we got even more active with a walk to the picturesque waterfall, followed by a hike up the ridge. 

We were quite impressed that Noodle got all the way to the top all on her own. It is quite a steep and tiring climb and hubby A built some muscles carrying Squish all the way to the top. We were all completely out of breath by the top but luckily, I still had some Burger King bottled water stashed in the cooler bag- boy did that go down well!

eagles roodepoort

The long trek was worth it as the view of the West and North of Johannesburg from the top is quite spectacular and you have a good view of the waterfalls below too! 

All in all, we had a super fun day which we will all remember for a long time to come. Thank you to Burger King SA for making it happen!!!

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