Monday, 25 April 2016

The Battle of the Dry Shampoo

I have very oily hair. The kind that you could probably deep fry food in if I don't wash it at least every second day. By day two it is very oily, so I have been looking for ways to keep it looking semi-decent by the second day. However, I have quite long hair so the tips get too dry if I wash it every day (not that I have time for that anyway).  This prompted my exploration of the dry shampoo market. 

tressemme batiste

Here is what I found: 

Home Made Dry Shampoo

I have tried a recipe for home made dry shampoo, which consists of mixing equal parts of cornstarch and cocoa powder (omit the cocoa powder for lighter coloured hair). This sort of worked for getting the oiliness out but I did not really like the smell in my hair and I had bees after me (this may or may not have been due to my chocolate aroma). It was also not very easy to dust out.

Beauty Formulas Dry Shampoo

This one was quite a cheap dry shampoo which I found at Dischem. It comes out as a spray and does help with oiliness. However, it left a LOT of white residue which did not come out easily so I was left with what looked like a dandruff explosion.
TRESseme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

This one comes highly rated, is available pretty much all over the show and is not badly priced at all. It has a fresh smell and comes out as a mousse-like foam. Unfortunately, this one did not work particularly well for me. While it did not leave too much white residue (unlike other products), the product left my hair wet, defeating the purpose of having a dry shampoo (my hair gets wavy once it gets wet, so if I have straightened the previous day, this product undoes all that hard work). In addition, it was not very effective at removing greasiness and my hair still looked and felt limp and oily after using it.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Dark Hair

I have read a few blog posts raving about this product so I had to try it out for myself. This product seems to only be available at Clicks (though I stand to be corrected) and comes in several variants, including exotically scented ones. I selected the one for dark hair as I hoped this would eliminate white residue issues. My findings? It was excellent at removing greasiness. My hair looked and felt freshly washed and had more volume than usual and I was able to leave my hair loose. However, the dark brown colour is significantly lighter than my natural hair colour, which is somewhere between black and brown, so I had to spend a few minutes dusting the powder out of my hair. The brown powder is quite messy and left my bathroom basin in a tragic state. I suspect that the brown colour may rub off onto light coloured clothing/ pillowcases etc. That having been said, this is the most effective product I have found so far and is good for mornings that you need hair that looks freshly washed and have no time to spare. 

What dry shampoos have you experimented with? Which did you like best and which sent you running for the hills? Please let me know.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. All products were personally purchased for my own use.