Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Totally Delectable Oreo Lasagne

My son has been begging me to buy Oreos for a few weeks now. He reminded me again when I fetched him yesterday and he added a pweddy pweeese with a cherry on top and a wet toddler smooch, so I finally caved. I decided that I would surprise him today with some Oreo Lasagne. 

I love making fridge desserts since they are fairly flop proof even if you do not follow a recipe. I remember seeing an Oreo lasagne recipe somewhere before but did not save it so this one is my version of it. This takes literally five minutes of preparation time before setting in the fridge.

You will need:
  •  two boxes of Oreos;
  • one packet of instant vanilla dessert (I used the Moirs one);
  • whipped cream for topping;
  • About 250ml of custard (this could store bought or you could make your own if you prefer but then it won't take five minutes- I used UltraMel).
  • chocolate of your choice for grating (I use Cadbury Dairy Milk or Bournville).

1. Start by greasing a rectangular pyrex dish, the type that you would use for regular lasagne.
2. Prepare the instant pudding according to instructions on the box. (Mine only required adding to 400ml of  milk and then blending for a minute).
3. Put a very thin layer of instant pudding , just enough to coat the dish. 
4. Cover in a layer of Oreos. You can leave them whole or crush them first, depending on the texture you prefer. I left mine whole.
5.Cover this in the remaining instant pudding. 
6. Cover this in another layer of Oreos.
7. Pour custard over the second layer of Oreos until all are coated. At this point you could also add some more chocolate, sweets or nuts if you are feeling extra decadent.
8. Chill in the fridge for at least an hour.
9. Top with whipped cream and grate chocolate on top as you would grate cheese on regular lasagne.
10. Eat!!! 

Speaking of Oreos, they are currently running a fabulous competition.

Three families can win a trip to New York. To enter you need to buy a box of Oreos (the 176g or 429g one) and sms the last 5 digits of the barcode to 40185 or enter at