Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Our Favourite Winter Kids Clothing for 2016

The temperature in Johannesburg is definitely dropping and if your children are anything like mine you find yourself shopping for new clothes each season as they outgrow things so quickly. I have noticed that the prices of clothing have practically doubled this winter, so one needs to shop smartly these days.

We have just finished our winter shopping and I thought I would share my favourite finds for those of you who are still doing winter shopping.  This is not a sponsored post, these are just some stuff I spotted and loved during my own shopping expeditions.

Cotton On Kids

While not everything here is always budget friendly, everything is super cute and you can find some really good economical buys if you look carefully. For example, they often have specials on girls pumps and leggings (buy one get one free kind of offers). I also spotted adorable boys superhero mask and cape sets for just R49.00- great for imaginative play. Their stores all have lovely little play areas for the little ones which is great if your kids are not shopping fans.  

I took the picture above at their gigantic new store at the Mall of Africa, which is apparently the largest Cotton On store in the world.

Pick 'n Pay Clothing

To me, Pick 'n Pay clothing is no longer a 'budget' store as their prices seem to have escalated a bit of late. However, they have a great selection of kids stuff. You can get the cutest warm kids onesies at a good price and for any animated character or superhero clothing they are the first place you should be heading.


This is my usual destination for staple kids clothing as they have one of the largest varieties of quality children's clothing at an affordable price (I have not had joy with their shoes, which don't seem to have the same quality as their clothing though). At the moment, they have a good selection of cute and very warm winter jackets for both girls and boys.

Mr Price

Their kids ranges tend to be a bit limited but are usually cute and well priced. I find that their girls dresses are cheaper than anywhere else and always adorable. They are also great for boys hoodies and bottoms (other the mundane corduroys one seems to find everywhere else in winter). 


We love their clothing as it is always super soft and comfortable looking, with exceptionally good quality. We usually wait for their sales and then stock up in a size bigger for the next season, as their styles are usually fairly classic and will not go out of fashion.


This is where most of our branded clothing comes from as they  are significantly cheaper than the usual chainstores. There are two branches, one  in Fordsburg, which I tend to avoid as it is in a bit of a dodgy location and the car guards outside scare me a little and one in Lenasia, which is probably far out for most but much more pleasant.


I have saved my favourite for last. We found lots of great stuff at H&M overseas so I was quite excited when they recently launched in South Africa. This is currently my favourite place for kids shopping as their stuff are good quality and pretty to look at. Their prices are similar to Edgars, Woolworths and the like. They have a wide variety of super cute children's clothing and unlike most other stores, the boys section was not a mere afterthought. Oh and they have organic cotton children's underwear which is roomy and comfortable (something that I battle to find elsewhere).

P.S. I am in love with the H&M beige-gold skinny jeans pictured above, but my little diva disagreed with me so we did not buy it.

Where are your favourite shopping places for kids? What were your best finds this winter? Please share!