Wednesday, 11 May 2016

We Got Pampered by Pampers and Tested Their Newest Product

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the new Pampers Premium nappies. It was an elegant high tea affair at the luxurious 10 2nd Avenue Houghton Estate hotel (side note: this is a beautiful venue that I have been very keen to visit since it recently became Halaal, since we do not have too many upmarket Halaal venues in Johannesburg and I have heard rave reviews about their fine cuisine).

roses nappies

You see, Pampers have launched a new version of their Premium nappies which are soft- really soft. To prove the point, we were given various silky soft materials to feel as we entered the venue (a piece of silk, a super fluffy blanket and some cotton wool) and then given the new Premium nappies to compare and to see for ourselves just how soft they are. 

So I got to drink coffee and eat pretty cakes and sushi in the company of well known local icons and fellow bloggers, while listening to talks about all the amazing new features of this great new nappy- how soft and absorbent it is and how it does not sag.

cake high tea 10 2nd Ave Houghton

Guess what... I already knew how awesome they are as I had a sneak peak at them as a home tester for the product. A few weeks back, I got sent a test kit and got to discover for myself just how amazing the new nappies are. I promised the folks at Pampers that I would keep my test results under wraps until after the launch but here they are and I am so excited to share them! 

As testers, we were given three tests to conduct and I am happy to say that all the tests passed the mommy test with flying colours. P.S. I am a video newbie and we all know I am a bit camera shy so please bare with me.

The first test involved pouring blue tinted water into the nappy and then cutting through the nappy. The old nappies had a single chamber of absorbent material in the middle, which unfortunately sometimes led to that saggy bum phenomenon (yes, my son has had nappies practically sagging to the ground before but that is a thing of the past now). The new nappies have three separate chambers so that the liquid gets absorbed more evenly. By the way, the nappies absorbed an insane amount of liquid!


The second test was the wetness indicator test. I remember wondering why the newborn nappies used to have that awesome wetness indicator at the back (basically a line which turns from yellow to blue when the nappy is wet) but none of the bigger ones did. Well now they do, so there is no need to open the nappy to check of it is soiled- just look at the indicator at the back and if it is blue, it is time for a nappy change.


The thing that used to put me off the old Pampers Premium nappies was that it had a weird net thing inside which was great for keeping moisture off the skin but sometimes left checkered indentations on babies bottom. For this reason I must confess that I usually opted for the Pampers Active nappies previously. Now they have replaced it with a silky smooth interior which really does feel as soft as silk.


The fourth and final test that I did (by chance) was the live human test, you know, the one that actually counts. We are working on potty training Squish (that is a post for another day) and he still wears nappies at night and when we leave home. These days, we mostly use pull ups but one day, I had forgotten to take nappies with me but still had the test kit so I used one of the nappies from there. It was a size smaller than what we usually use but seemed roomy enough. He had it on for a good few hours until evening bath time and was leak free even though he drank copious amounts of liquids. The soft nappy stayed dry and comfy and there were no saggy, draggy bottoms in sight!