Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A Letter to My Five Year Old

Dear Noodle

I know I don't tell you this all the time but I am so proud of the little lady you are growing up to be. I sometimes wish I could keep you little forever but I know that I need to let you go to leave your own unique mark on the world.

You have grown up so much this year. We were afraid of putting you in 'big school' this year as you are the youngest of all your friends but you have met every new challenge with so much of determination. The first few days of school, you were afraid of getting lost and we had to walk you to your classroom. Now, you casually hop out of the car and run off to your friends like you have been doing it all your life! I hear you practicing things that you have been learning even before the rest of the household wakes up. You have figured out how to read basic English sentences all on your own and can even read and write basic Arabic, a language you do not speak! You write your very first exam today. While mommy is a little nervous for you, you are confident and have this one covered!

I know it seems like daddy and I are always shouting you for the little things that you do wrong but it is only because we love you and want what is best for you, always. We also notice the kind things you do for others, like helping your friends or preparing surprises for family members. I see how you protect your little brother around strangers. Even the pretend games you play show good character. Like yesterday, when you and your brother were pretending to be beggars (where on earth did you come up with that game) I was blown away by the kindness and compassion you showed your 'beggar' brother. Or the way you wept when you read the story of Nooh (Noah's) ark as you were saddened by the fact that only two of each animal were allowed on the ark, saying "The rest of the animals were not naughty. Why did they need to suffer?" 

Sometimes, daddy and I get annoyed with you carelessly spilling things or not throwing out all your toys but then all is forgotten when I remember the worst day of my life- the day we almost lost you. You were only five months old when, after a sudden illness, you needed a lifesaving emergency procedure. The angels were watching that day. You had never been sick a day before in your life but was fate that when you got sick that day, you happened to have a paediatric nurse in the room with you. She recognised the symptoms that someone who is not medically trained may have missed and made sure that we got you to an emergency room immediately. That day, I promised to protect you with my life, always and forever and I plan to keep that promise.

Yes, we probably will keep shouting when we need to and we may fight sometimes but I still love you more than you will ever know. I can see so much of potential in you, always the deep, philosophical thinker who dares to ask the questions that others shy away from. Whether you chose to use that potential to save the world (which I truly believe you are capable of) or to just share your light with others, I will always be proud of you. Like daddy always tells you, even when you are fifty years old, you will always be our baby and we will always love you.