Friday, 10 June 2016

Random Stuff I Wish Johannesburg Shops Would Stock

I think by now everyone knows that I enjoy shopping. I shop enough to know exactly which shops have what. Despite that, there are a few things that our Johannesburg shops seem to lack- if by some chance business owners are reading this, perhaps here is your gap in the market.

1. Shoelaces
Yes, I know this sounds weird but shoelaces are impossible to find. I have a five year old who is a novice at tying laces and somehow always manages to break the aglet of the lace or even the entire lace (yes, at some point in my adult life I discovered that the plastic bit at the end of a shoelace is called an aglet). Has anyone else tried looking for plain black or white shoe laces or kids sized shoelaces generally? I have tried grocery stores, the likes of Clicks and Dischem and even the Chinese places without luck and it seems pointless to buy an entire new shoe when only the lace is damaged.

2. A decent range of trousers for shorter people
I hate having to hem everything that I buy (which usually means that it sits in my cupboard for a year before I get round to sorting it out). The only place I know of with a 'petite' range is Edgars and even their petite trousers still need hemming (and I seldom find anything I like there). I am 1.56 metres tall, which, while definitely on the short end of the spectrum, is certainly not unusual for an adult female. Unrelated, I wish there was some consistency in the way shops size their merchandise- how is it that I am an extra small at one store and a large at another? Or wear size 3 shoes from one place and size 5 from another?

3. Children's Underwear
I have two gripes here- the first being that everywhere only starts children's' underwear with an age 2-3. Now, both my children were drowning in this size by the time they started potty training. Also, I have seen complaints on mommy Facebook groups about the fact that girl's underwear all seems to be a weird shape that cuts into the crotch and I have also found this to be true (except for one brand, which I find very expensive). Whoever it is that makes underwear for little people, please listen to our call.

4. Appropriate children's clothes
In winter this is not as much of a problem but in summer, the range of children's clothing we have had lately is appalling. Children's clothes should be cute and comfortable and not consist purely of crop tops and cheeky shorts. Oh, some variety in boys clothing would be nice too.

5. Halaal Restaurants
While Halaal restaurants in Johannesburg are a dime a dozen, there are a few things the Halaal restaurant market in Johannesburg shorts. The one is decent, upmarket restaurants- the type that you would go to on a special anniversary or to wow an important client. The other thing that would be amazing is a decent child-friendly Halaal restaurant, the likes of Bambanani, Papachinos and such. Finally, some variety in cuisine types would be awesome (for example, proper Korean, Mexican or even proper Chinese food). Restaurant owners, are you listening?

Do you know where to find any of the above? What do you wish that you could find in our local shops? Please pop a comment.