Thursday, 19 February 2015

Easy No-sew T-shirt Bags

I am sure many of us have old t-shirts that no longer get used and this is a fantastic way to give them a new lease on life.

I am not particularly handy with a sewing machine, but that is not a problem as these t-shirt bags do not require a single stitch. They are washable and eco-friendly. Best of all, they can be made in five minutes or less.

This particular bag is made out of one of Noodle's old dresses that she had outgrown,(one made out of stretchy t-shirt material),but you can use any old t-shirt (or tank top). They can even be made out of old pillowcases, although these will not have the same stretchy effect.

Using a sharp scissors, cut a wide opening at the neck (for the top of the bag, so make it as wide as you would like the opening on top to be). I skipped this step for this bag as the dress had a large neckline already and I thought the red piping detail would add to the aesthetic appeal.

Chop the sleeves off to create handles. Then cut lots of vertical slits all along the bottom, to create tassels about 3 to 5 centimeters long (you can make the tassels chunky or skinny, depending on the look you are going for). Cut the front and the bag simultaneously so that the slits line up.

Then all you do is tie knots all the way along the bag, tying each tassle to the one immediately behind it. You can make a double or triple knot for extra strength and durability. That's it- you're done!

We hung this one on a hanger and use it as a sock holder for Noodle's socks, but they also work well as shopping bags (a larger men's top will work well for this) or as holders for pegs, toilet rolls, toys, or anything else you might fancy.

No Sew T-shirt bag
Tassles tied together at the bottom of the bag