Monday, 16 February 2015

The Jozi WAHM's Guide to Survival when Eskom Strikes Again

There is no doubt that most South Africans are frustrated and even angered by the current loadshedding situation. However, while the country collectively seeks a solution to the current energy crisis faced, we can all seek the feint silver lining in every cloud. 

Here are the Jozi WAHM's guidelines on how to make the most of the dark hours during work and play time:
  •  Plan ahead. Make sure rechargeable lights, torches, candles. matches are in easily accesible spots around the house so you do not need to search for them in the dark. Battery operated touch lamps which can be stuck on the walls next to kiddies beds are a great investment. 
  • Keep a special box of toys ready for evening power cuts. Glow in the dark toys are especially appropriate.
  • During work time, use the opportunity to make physical contact with clients and colleagues. This sometimes goes a long way towards building enduring and meaningful relationships.
  •  For mommies, enjoy the excuse not to cook. Engage in South Africa's favourite pastime (braai, braai and more braai), order takeaways, or make a healthy but simple meal out of salads, bread, cold meats, cheese, fruits etc.
  • By far the best thing about loadshedding is that the big black box goes off. Replace the television time with family time.
  • If it is day time, it is time for the kids to play outside.
  • If it is night time, play games, tell stories or just chat. If the kids are scared of the dark, play games with torches, make shadow puppets, 'camp' indoors or just cuddle in bed.
  • Get out the marshmallows and make smores with the kids (supervised of course).
  • Candlelight = romance. Seize the oppurtunity. 
  • Invest in lots of scented candles and enjoy the aromas wafting through your home.