Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Jozi WAHM's Golden Rules for Working From Home

So far most of my posts have been child-centred. This one is too, in a way, as it focuses on how to get work done from home with children around (especially if the reason you are working from home in the first place is to spend more time with them).
  • If possible, get help, at least part of the time (I am still working on this one as Squish refuses to stay with my nanny/domestic worker most days so I am more productive just working around him). 
  • Have a designated work place reserved only for this purpose and with all the tools of the trade close by. If you have a proper home office, this is fantastic, but if not, have a corner of your home designated for this purpose.
  • Plan your day and what needs to be achieved. Get your most important tasks done at the times when you anticipate the least distractions (for me this is late night or mid-morning when Noodle is at creche and Squish is napping).
  • Have activities pre-planned for the children which will allow you to complete a task. I have toys categorised so that a specific type of toy is easily accessible when required.
  • Maximise your time by working smarter. Shop online to save time. 
  • Multi-task where possible. I reserve simpler tasks which can be completed from my phone or tablet for when supervising the kids playing in the garden etc.