Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Noodle says... Part 2

Here are the latest gems from my four year old Noodle. (For part 1 of 'Noodle says', please click here.)

You know that you are having a conversation with Noodle when the sentence starts with "I have a good idea". She has several good ideas each day. Here are some for this week:

She did not believe me when I told her that they are waterproof and wanted to know why they all stop working every time it rains. In Jozi,I guess this is a fair observation. 

Wishful thinking.
Yes, in Noodle land, Eskom and Google are both people. I found it interesting that Eskom is a 'he' and Google is a 'she'.


  1. How very cute are these - especially the Google ones

  2. Thank you Cat!

    She has just recently discovered Google and now wants to Google all kinds of weird and wonderful things.


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