Sunday, 29 March 2015

Just stuff we did at home last week

There were a few rainy days this past week, so the kids enjoyed several indoor activities at home:
  • We did a hand print painting this week using glitter finger paint to make a butterfly (I just added glitter to some regular finger paint). The top set of hands belong to Squish and the bottom set to Noodle. 

Butterfly hand prints

  • Noodle painted a bird with the leftover paint and added a foam beak and googly eyes.
Glitter bird

  • We baked a tasty chocolate cake. Nothing fancy, a box mix topped in caramel and sprinkles. Noodle did most of the decorating.

  • We blew bubbles. 
Recipe for home made bubbles:

1/3 cup dishwashing liquid
1 1/4 cups water
2 teaspoons sugar

  • We played I spy. For Noodle, I give her the sound the word begins with rather than the letter since she cannot really spell yet.
  • We played (lots of) hide and seek. Squish is surprisingly good at this for a fourteen month old!
  • We turned our lounge into a recording studio and had a sing-along, using the Yokee app, where the lyrics to practically any song are available.

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