Monday, 23 March 2015

We love NUK {Product Review}

We have always used NUK products for Noodle and Squish and in my experience their products epitomise quality and great design. Noodle was addicted to her pacifier (the NUK Rose Soother to be precise) as a baby. They were my preferred choice too due to their orthodontic design and the fact that they did not cover Noodle's entire tiny face like some other brands.

You can see below that Squish's NUK bottles and dummy have been well used. He never actually sucked the dummy (he used it as a chew toy/ teether) but loved it nevertheless. 

The old tested bottle and soother

We were excited to hear that NUK has expanded their range to not only cater for smaller babies but also active toddlers and pre-schoolers. We recently acquired a set of six BPA free NUK Food Pots, which are the perfect size to store kiddy sized portions of food in the fridge or freezer while taking up very little space (that is when Squish is not using them as toys- he is drawn to their bright colours). The food pots also work very well for making ice lollies (see the recipe for some delicious yoghurt ice lollies here).
NUK Food Pots

I felt like I had won the jackpot when I was sent this delightful hamper of Nuk toddler products to review.

Noodle literally squealed with excitement when she spotted the super cute pink ballerina NUK Sports Cup. The first thing I look for in bottles and sippy cups is that they are BPA free and the second thing I check is that they do not leak when I put them in her school bag. So far this one has passed the test. The Sports Cup is lightweight but big enough to fit lots of liquids (450 ml) to keep thirsty pre-schoolers well hydrated. It also has a clever design that allows it to be washed in the dishwasher without even having to disassemble it.

Squish tested out the NUK Weaning Set, which contains a non-slip divided plate (for fussy toddlers who do not like their spinach touching their carrots), a non-slip bowl and a knife and spoon set. I especially like the cutlery as they are just the right shape and size for tiny fingers to grip but also strong enough so that it does not bend while they are eating like some others that we have. Now if only NUK could invent something to stop toddlers from throwing their food!
Top: NUK Weaning Set | Bottom left: Fruit afternoon snack in divider plate | Bottom Right: Squish has fruity oats in NUK bowl

The NUK Training Toothbrush Set contains two massaging brushes with rubber bristles to polish those brand new pearly whites and massage itchy gums. It also comes with a ring which serves as both a stand and a guard to prevent your little ones from sticking the brushes too far. 
NUK Training Toothbrush Set
The NUK Breast Milk Storage Bags are BPA free, very thick and have a double seal, so you can be assured that your precious breast milk will be safe in the freezer. They are pre-sterilised and also have measurements along the side so that you can see how much is being defrosted at any given time.  

NUK Breast Milk Bags
**** Jozi WAHM will be giving away an awesome Nuk prize in the next few days. Keep your eyes peeled for further details.****

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