Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Game Review- Fairy Sisters

Happy Spring Day folks! To celebrate the season of flowers and pretty things, I am going to kick off with a review of a game that celebrates all things pretty.

I must admit that I am guilty of sometimes tossing the tablet to Noodle when I want to keep her busy for a few minutes while I need to get something done. I am, however, very selective about what I allow her to play and do limit screen time.

Noodle got the opportunity to test out the new Fairy Sisters game, which is the epitomy of everything cute, girly and adorable- the type of thing that little girls dream of! What's more, it is fun and educational.

Players are guided through various tasks for the sweet little fairies to perform, such as picking fruit, sewing, cooking, make up and grooming ponies.

We played the PC version and Noodle battled a bit with using a mouse (reminder to self- teach her this vital life skill), but the app version will be released shortly. This game definitely got the Noodle stamp of approval!!!

Look out for the app in your app store in the next couple of weeks!

(UPDATE 16 September 2015)

We have some exclusive promo codes here which will allow you to try out this amazing game before it is officially released (valid for 28 days)! 

You can download here: