Monday, 14 September 2015

You know you're getting older when...

So I despite being in my early thirties, I have still considered myself as being fairly young. After all, I still haven't sprouted a single grey hair (touch wood... some of my friends my age have not been as fortunate).

However, lately, I spotted a few tell-tale signs of my impending slide into the old age home. The below have ALL happened to me. 

As a South African female, you know you are getting older when:

* You spot an item of clothing in the shop window at Milady's... and say, wow, that is stunning, I have to have it.

* They play golden oldies on the radio and they are songs that were popular when you were a teenager. Is 'I'm Blue' by Eiffel 65 really a golden oldie?

* The music is too loud. Everywhere.  

* You voluntarily give up killer heels for comfy flats... every day.

* You spot those first under eye creases.

* You wear foundation to hide dark circles. (In my twenties, I used foundation twice a year on average, now it is more often than not.) 

* You look forward to a quiet night in and going to bed by 10p.m. 

* Your children are astonished to discover that cellphones once had black and white screens with no touch screen.

* Your children are gobsmacked when you tell them that when you started school nobody had cellphones.

* You remember the kids stuff on the SABC encore channel from when they were first aired. Pumpkin Patch and Kideo anyone?

*When you were in school, you owned a Tamagotchi, your worst fear at school was Pinky Pinky and not Charlie Charlie and you collected Simba Tazo's and not Stikeez. 

Who is joining me in the old age home?