Friday, 25 September 2015

A Blog Quickie

Since I started blogging, I have been diligently posting three to four times a week. Then this September came and things got busy, really busy and I have only managed to squeeze in a few posts.

So this is just a quick catch up post from my side.  I have been working- a lot, but have finally met a deadline that has been taking up all my time. I did not realise how much time I had been spending on it until I told Noodle that I was done with it yesterday and she came and gave me a huge hug and said 'I am so happy because now you can do things with us again'. Guilty mommy moment- check.

As for Noodle and Squish, I am amazed at how they seem to have sprung up like little flowers this spring, literally and figuratively. They both needed entire new wardrobes since they both seemed to have major growth spurts (P.S. I have seen a lot of posts complaining about how inappropriate the stuff they have for kids in the clothing stores is at the moment and I must say I agree.) Noodle has matured a lot and starts big school (well grade R, in just a few months). Squish has shocked me with the amount he has learnt this month. Still a few months shy of two, he can count, knows the A, B, C song and the National Anthem. He also seems to have picked up the lyrics of a few popular songs on the radio.

We have just had heritage day on the same day as Eid ul Adha (what better way to celebrate heritage?). 

So, that's about it from my side. Sadly, I am going to be missing in action again for the next week again. The good news is that I can share a brand new face book page just for mommies where you can catch up with a bunch of really amazing South African Mommy bloggers and their posts all in one place. Check out Mommys ME Time on Facebook- you won't regret it.

Be back soon! 

P.S. It is not too late to enter our Kids Book Club Giveaway. Just scroll down to the page below this one.