Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Squish Says

At 22 months, my big boy has quite a vocabulary and also loves singing (besides nursery rhymes he knows the words to many of the popular songs on the radio). 

Here are some of the funny things he says.

"Tickle, tickle little star, how a water what you are".

"Wheels on the bus go aaateeedown. All day yon."

"Baa baa. Bat sheet. Havvveeeee wooooooooo. Yes sir, yes sir, teabags food."

(Points to his belly button). "Booby!!!" (Side note: I wish he would call them something more discreet, but I have failed hopelessly in that area).
Me: " Not booby, belly button".
Him: "Bewwy... Button ... Booby".

Goes to toilet, sits there (does nothing) and then screams "mooooooommmmmy, I'm fiyeeeeeeeshed". 

"Birthday party... Eat cake... Blow fire on cake!"

"Mommy, lets go to shop. Buy sweeties and yoghurt. Now, mommy, now!"

I ask the kids what they want for supper. His response:

"Cook yoghurt and matoes (tomatoes)". 

"Mommy give me medicine".
Me: "You are not sick!".
Him: "Nado syrup?" (Panado syrup).
Me : "No, only when you are sick".
Him: "Telfast? Pospad (Prospan)?"
I think we may just have a pharmacist in the making.

"Come. Must watch Youtube". Oh dear (daddy is to blame for that one).

"Do you like school?"
" Did you have fun today?"
"Do you want to go back to school tomorow?"
"Nooooooo!!! Stay with mommy. Home."

My absolute favourite- if he has not seen us for five minutes: " Missed you sooooooo much! Big huuuuug!"