Monday, 5 October 2015

I am back!

Howdy strangers...

I realise that I have been super quiet. We went on an amazing overseas holiday (more about that later) and I took a short sabbatical from social media. 

So today I have returned to life as normal. We got back yesterday and just unpacked bags and caught up on sleep. Today's task is  replying to lots of emails and attending to many piles of washing (it seems like there is so much more laundry after you go away for a few days). Then, from tomorrow, it is business as usual.

It is pre-school holidays, so I have Noodle and Squish home with me causing mass destruction. We have decided to send Squish to school too for a few mornings a week once they re-open. He seems to want more stimulation and interaction with other children than he is getting at home so we want to give this a try! Although still a few months shy of two, he seems ready and we figured the transition may be easier if Noodle is there with him (this will not be the case next year as she moves on to grade R at a new school). 

There are some interesting stuff coming up on the blog soon, so watch this space!