Monday, 12 October 2015

Some More Amazing Kids Books

It is month two of our Kids Book Club subscription period and this month's bag was even better than month one. (If you missed out on our previous post on Kids Book Club, you an check it out here. In short, this is a subscription service where you get a bag full of awesome kids books each month). Here is last month's selection:


This time, Noodle was home when the courier came to drop off our package and she was beyond excited when I told her it was a package for her (last month she was at school when it arrived). I think getting a package was almost as exciting for her as the actual contents, as she is used to seeing packages being dropped off for the adults in the house but not especially for her. 

I told Noodle that she could only open the package that evening if she was well behaved all day and she kept her end of the deal. She was thrilled when she opened it and told me these are the best books ever, ever, ever. I even got smothered me with hugs and kisses!

This month, the carry bag has a Halloween theme, which can double up as a trick or treat bag for those who celebrate. 

I love the big hard cover book with the movable clock (especially handy for us as Noodle is currently learning how to tell time). The story goes through the different parts of the school day and shows a clock with the time of day on each page. The book is very interactive with various activities on each page, including number and letter recognition,counting,colours, basic geography and songs to sing. This is Noodle's new favourite book.

The second book is a colourful activity book with a clever shark crayon/ puzzle built into the cover. The activities are age appropriate and Noodle has enjoyed them so far.

As always, there are a couple of magazines included for mom (a month out of date but I am not complaining as I would not have read these otherwise).
If you would like to find out more about Kids Book Club, you can go to and click on the relevant age category.