Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Supporting a Great Cause- The Little Toys That Aren't

Some of the things my little ones love playing with the most are not real toys at all. Squish's favourite thing to play with is keys (any old keys will do), while Noodle is super attached to a magic wand made out of an old black clothes hanger with the tip painted silver and to a bunch of toilet paper roll creatures that we once created together. 

However, my little ones are extremely fortunate to have far more actual toys than they really need. For many children in this country, where just putting food on the table is a challenge, makeshift toys are  all they have.

Yes, providing basic resources like food to these underprivileged kids is important but so is giving them an opportunity to enjoy their childhood and also develop vital skills needed later in life which are developed through play. 

The Topsy Foundation is helping children in rural Mpumalanga, including physically disabled children, to gain access to specialised educational toys and access to better trained teachers.

The makeshift toys that these children currently play with inspired Topsy Foundation's  own range of toys – The Little Toys that Aren’t, which are being sold online. From makeshift fairy wands to rockets and jewellery, a lot of creative thought has been put into this one.

You can  “buy” one of ten different toys on the Spree website (which is one of my favourite online stores incidentally) for a mere  R20, with the full amount going straight to Topsy to stock their Toy Library. 

For more information on this great cause you can go to


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