Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Inside Jozi Wahm's Kitchen- Easy Kiddies Fun Food

I am always looking for creative ways to get my kids to eat healthy foods. This sometimes needs a bit of creativity. For previous ideas see Margy Vally from the Olive Branch Cookery School's enticing recipes see here
Today I am going to share a couple of the quick, easy staple favourites in our household:

Smiley Sandwiches

While regular sandwiches covered in salad bits tend to get wasted, these smiley sandwiches get gobbled up every time. These are very simple to make. 

I take a roll (when I do these smileys,the kids do not notice if I sneak in wholewheat seeded rolls) and cut them in half. Then I spread with a layer of cottage cheese (or a cheese spread, as used in the above picture).
Next, we arrange the various salad bits to make a face, depending on what we have available (eg. lettuce hair, pepper nose, tomato mouth, cucumber eyes etc, there are dozens of variations). Noodle wanted freckles on the ones in the picture, so we sprinkled with poppyseeds.
You can use regular bread to make 'Minions' (cover bread with a piece of pre-sliced cheese and cut cold meat or cucumbers for the eyes and mouth. Alternatively, flower or butterfly shapes on the bread have also proven popular.

Crunchy Munchy Muesli

This is a quick and easy breakfast idea. I take plain yoghurt (our family loves the Lancewood double cream one) and add a generous drizzle of honey and some muesli (I like the Vital one because it is tasty and comes in a convenient strip of little packets, which works for us since we do not have muesli daily).
The top was decorated with a grape face with banana hair.
Eggstatic Eggies
I make sunny side up eggs in various shapes (mainly hearts and teddy bears). When cracking the egg, it is poured into a cookie cutter which is placed in a hot, lightly greased pan with a flat surface and left to set for a minute or two. Season as desired. You could also separate the whites from the yokes and have separate yellow and white eggs. 
Hint: use a metal cookie cutter as plastic may melt and hold the cutter down firmly until the egg white starts to set, otherwise it will ooze out of the bottom and not hold its shape. If it does ooze, you can salvage thus by using the cutter to shape once cooked, but it looks much neater if you can avoid oozing.
I serve with toast, also cut with cookie cutters.
Oaty Snacks
For an easy toddler snack, I take leftover jungle oats (about a cupful) and add a mashed banana. I add lots of cinnamon, drop spoons full in a greased baking tray and bake for about fifteen minutes. You can add a bit of honey to sweeten, but my kids don't seem to mind when I omit it. Grated apple can also be added for variety.
(These work well as teething biscuits).