Thursday, 16 April 2015

Squish Says... Lots of new words!

I have dedicated a few posts to the wise words of my big girl Noodle , who practically came out of the womb talking in full sentences (if you have not seen them, check out the posts labelled 'Noodle says'), but never to the stuff little Squish says. The primary reason for that is that up until now, he has not said too much (the little guy is just fifteen months old after all). 

Till now, he has graced us with the odd few words here and there. He said "daddy" from early on (no, not just dada but a clearly enunciated daddeeee), followed soon thereafter by his dear big sister's name, or his version of it at least. He could 'count' pretty early (if you count 'one, two, tee, ten)' and even learnt the beginning of the A, B, C song from big sister. However, other than that, he largely relied on the words 'there' and 'that' to indicate his needs. This seemed to work for him since Squish has always been an outstanding non-verbal communicator and has always gotten his point across loud and clear- he fetches his own plate if he is hungry or hands me the remote control and drags me to the lounge if he wants the television on (not that I always give in on that one). 

His one quirk was that despite being an absolute mommy's boy, glued to me all day and all night, he obstinately refused to say mama or anything similar for ages and would give a sneaky laugh every time we asked him to. I know that linguistically, babies learn to say the 'd' sound before the 'm' sound, but he sure seemed to be taking his time with saying it! He refused to say mama until just two weeks ago, when the moment I had anxiously been waiting for finally arrived.

At long last, he finally started saying it. Mamamamama. He has now settled on mamoh... with a very French sounding accent and repeats it sweetly all day.

Since that day he has suddenly exploded with words, lots of words. I have lost count of the number of new words in the past two weeks and he is even attempting sentences (although we do not understand all of them). Suddenly, he can name food types, various animals, body parts, bits of clothing, toys and even his favourite Disney characters, Pooh and hotdog (which is his name for Mickey Mouse) and Weltha (Elsa from Frozen, which Noodle has subjected him to watching many times in). Besides the nouns, he has now learnt to say 'hot', 'come', 'up', 'more' and 'outside'. I have lost count of the number of new words, there were about thirty by last week, but there have been several new ones since then. Today he said 'dinosaur', 'anana' (banana) and 'star', all in context. Sadly, he has also learnt the inevitable no, no, no, n- and he is not afraid to use it.

For me, the first few words of my children are one of the biggest highlights of motherhood. Whenever I am around babies I always wonder what they are thinking and I love getting to finally figure out what is going on in those tiny but complex little heads. I am sure that soon, we can look forward to interesting conversations with him and I can't wait! 

What were your baby's first words?